Monday, August 13, 2012

IRON will

As most of you probably know by now, I have three pretty amazing sisters. In their own quiet little ways, they do things that most people only dream about doing and go about these accomplishments like it's no big deal. Run a Tony-award winning Broadway show? Sure. Travel around the world as a professional triathlete? Yep. Complete your first-ever Ironman in under 10 hours? Now that's been done, too.

Because of the nature of my job--and the fact that I'm the most vocal of the bunch--I often find myself telling my sister's stories for them. Not in a braggy-wow-how-great-are-we kind of way, but in an are-these-people-really-related-to-me? kind of astonishment. This was especially true yesterday as so many people asked me how the Ironman went for Laurel. I couldn't help but gush. She broke the 10-hour mark! Finished 10th! Ran a 3:16 marathon! But the most impressive part? She was still walking, talking, and fully functioning at the finish line. As though she could have gone for five more hours. So many other competitors crumpled into balls or stretched out in prone positions of agony around her in the massage tent, while she was gabbing away acting like she just finished a sprint. I felt more exhausted after simply spending the day tracking her from Jersey to Riverside Park. I was certain she'd feel the effects of the race yesterday, but 24 hours after crossing the line, she reported feeling "great!" and stepped out in five-inch heels. If she wasn't so nice, I'd hate her.

Seeing this sort of strength and pure power emerge from such a small package is inspiring, to say the least. We all know she works hard, but there's more to Laurel than just fitness and talent. There's heart. There's determination. And dare I say, stubbornness. She just doesn't give up. And like so many of her "super fans", I'm so excited to see where these qualities take her next.

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